International Master of Interior Architectural Design

Stream Architecture
Course Type Master
Duration 2 Years

International Master of Interior Architectural Design

Interior Architecture defines the immediate physical environment of a human being, encompassing spiritual, philosophical, mental and emotional relationships that connect man and space. As a profession, it provides for the changing needs of an individual and the world since it forms an intrinsic part of human endeavour towards the act of creating, adapting and expressing.

While both M. Design and IMIAD programs share many similarities, the key difference between the two is that in order to complete the requirements for IMIAD, A student must complete one semester-long international exchange with one of the partner institutes of their choice and one two-week-long international workshop at a pre-decided partner institute. Both programs offer specialisation in three streams – Building Crafts, History & Theory and Computational Design. 

The IMIAD is one of the first internationally oriented postgraduate degree programs in interior architecture in India. Part of the course takes place at a partner school, with each school bringing its own emphases and competencies to the course. 

·  Istanbul Technical University ITU

·  University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart UASS

·  ScuolaUniversitariaProfessionale Della SvizzeraItaliana SUPSI

The program, along with its three focus areas, was envisioned to respond to the growing need for original and extensive research in the field of interior architecture and design. They aim at cultivating and strengthening a designer’s acute sensitivity towards global concerns and endowing them with a spirit of tolerance towards pluralism while encouraging accordance with traditional and cultural convictions. Research based stimulus that forms the unique core of these programs, helps in redefining modern day design thinking and practice.


Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture or Design or equivalent, awarded upon completion of a course of minimum four years duration,   OR
Bachelor’s degree in Architecture recognised by the Council of Architecture,   OR
Bachelor’s degree in Construction Technology (five-year program),