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Board Exams

10th Sanskrit: Scoring tips

PUBLISH DATE 4th March 2019

Dear friends,

This article is common for entire Sanskrit students & composite Sanskrit students.

This is the first year of new syllabus and also of 100/50 marks so you have additional responsibilities-Don’t get tension. If you do directive efforts, you will definitely do well. First let me give you common instructions.

              Write the paper peacefully, without tension and with proper confidence, your presentation must be good for which good handwriting is your best friend. Read the instructions in the question paper properly & follow them without any confusion. Write questions no & subquestions no properly in the margin. Every section on new page i.e प्रथम: विभाग: द्वितीय: विभाग: etc.

Write the title of the session at the top of the page. Don’t do overwriting, cancelling, scratching etc. It affects your presentation badly.

                         Reach the exam hall in time for that start from your home, keeping proper margin of time. don’t forget to take hall ticket writing materials with you. write the paper confidently, neatly, with proper writing speed & proper time management. Complete your paper in time to avoid any mental tension & the result will be definitely good only.

   Now let us discuss the paper section wise.

प्रथम: विभाग:-  सुगमसंस्कृतम (15/10)

   This section is easy to get all the marks it you have prepared well. Write the names of the pictures, identifying them correctly, without any mistake. Attempt all 5 pictures.

  Write number (संख्या:) correctly do  समयस्तम्भमेलनं correctly for वासर- तालिका, read carefully, write correctly & underline the answers. For last 5 marks questions, (ऊ) you must be very careful.  While writing (consonant’s) don’t forget to write them हलन्त (पाय मोडणे) write nouns, धातू (roots) Correctly.


द्वितीय: विभाग:  --  गद्यम (22/16)

       This section is based on prose. Don’t read this entire passage in the beginning. Read it as per  the questions, to save the time . Read the instructions carefully. For (उचितं कारणं चित्वा वाक्यं पुनल्रीखत, you have to write first part then make a dash (-) & then write the correct answer & also underline the answer. क : कं वदति – क : is the कर्ता(subject) so it should be written in प्रथमा विभक्ति:, कं is the कर्म(object), it should be written in द्वितीया  विभक्ति:, for सत्यम/ असत्यम you must write the original sentence & then after making dash(-) answers by reading the passage carefully. don’t commit mistakes while writing translation of the passage. For ‘माध्यमभाषया उत्तरत’, read the question carefully & write the answers – first Para- 2 lines introduction 2nd Para – 5 to 6 lines answers actual & 3rd Para – conclusion – 2 lines. Stick to this pattern of answer.

तृतीय: विभाग  – पद्म(20/12)

  Read the vases properly as per the questions & then answer accordingly .for this try to understand the questions properly to avoid any confusion. जालरेखाचित्रम(flow –chart) सन्धीविग्रह- write properly. ‘माध्यमभाषया उत्तरत’ also same way as that of prose. If the question is ‘सूक्ति स्पष्टीकुरूत’ don’t write translation, but focus on central theme of the verse. What poet wants to emphasize this verse. 6/4 marks of ‘पद्ये शुद्धे पूर्ण च लिखत’, are too fully in your hand. Do the proper practice of writing the verses as they are printed in the text book, so that you should not loose single marks. Write

‘माध्यमभाषया सरलार्थम्’ also correctly. You know well which poetry lessons are for these questions. So do the proper practice.

चतुर्थ: विभाग:  -  लेखनकौशलम (15/4)

For this, your proper practice is must विशिष्ठ विभक्ते: उपयोग कृत्वा वाक्यनिर्माण’ – For this question learn by heart the sentence & don’t forget to underline that विभक्ति word. Learn by heart निबन्धा.  Write them properly. Do चित्रवर्णन or संस्कृतनुवाद, whichever is convenient to you don’t commit grammatical mistakes in that, otherwise you will lose the marks always solve extra sentence.

    पंंचम:  विभाग: -   भाषाभ्यास( 20/8)

This question is totally based on grammar. नामतालिका, सर्वनामतालिका, क्रियापदतालिका, धातुसाधित विशेषणतालिका - underline only answer. solve extra, so that you will get full marks संख्यावाचक, क्रमवाचक, आवृत्तीवाचक, identify & write properly समस्तपदाना तालिकापुर्ती: - underline the answer & write full तालिका & not only answer समानार्थक, विरुधार्थक write correctly solve extra सूचनानुसार कृती: & वाक्यं शुद्ध कुरुत also solve extra for getting marks in this section, your grammar must be very proper.

षष्ठ: विभाग:  -    अपठीतम(8)  

     This is not for composite. Read the prose passage carefully. Try to understand & answer the questions. Solve all six questions, so if any answer is wrong you will get the correct one’s marks for प्रतिपादिक – write original word with geudar कारकपरिचय- write proper name of कारक 

Poetry section also try to understand the verses & answer accordingly. you will definitely be able to solve correctly.

Lastly all the best for all of you

The author is a teacher - Mrs.  Amruta  Arvind Petkar, M.Sc.- M.Ed., She has over 32years experience of teaching Sanskrit.


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