Law Admissions 2020-21

Law Admissions 2020-21

AILET 2019: Check paper analysis

PUBLISH DATE 6th May 2019

AILET 2019: AILET had a total of 150 questions to be attempted in 90 minutes. Check paper analysis, students' reactions

AILET 2019:  AILET 2019 was conducted on 5th May. Just like 2018, students who felt a sigh of relief after giving the Symbiosis Law paper a day before felt the shock of their life. The paper was not only lengthy but difficult as well, in general. AILET had a total of 150 questions to be attempted in 90 minutes. Negative marking didn’t help much to the cause, given the level of the AILET 2019 paper.


English section was decidedly lengthy. Depending on how good the student is in English, varying versions of opinion are bound to be floated around for this section.

A quick glance of the paper reveals the following:

The key thing in English is the time allotment for the section. Cloze Passage with 6 questions and Sentence Correction with 10 questions could have been done in 10 minutes. Two words out of three asked in synonyms were easy. The Figures of Speech had usual suspects like
Metaphor, Pun, Epigram along with Metonymy and Oxyomoron. The Parts of Speech questions were relatively difficult and so was Reading Comprehension Passage. However, the questions for the RC were quite straight forward had one spent time on the questions,
they would have felt the RC to be easy or easy to moderate. Overall the section despite being easy and anyone who attempted around 30 odd questions and gets around 22 + right, would have done a good attempt.

General Knowledge

This section would not have intimidated students much like other sections and who are more comfortable with current affairs. With almost 33 questions based on recent news/developments, this section seemed to be easy but some of the questions needed
complete clarity of concepts. There were 8 questions based on Geography, 3 on science and technology, 6 on Banking and Economics, 2 on Awards, 2 on Sports. Questions like Best Film Award in Oscar, or Bharat Ratna were the easiest one. Also, few of the questions were
comprehensive in nature. Someone who regularly follows newspaper and Manthan would have felt comfortable. A score of 20-22-20 would be considered good for this section.

Legal Aptitude

Quite like 2018, the legal reasoning section was again lengthy. 13 questions based on Facts-Principle ran into 8.25 pages! Not only was it lengthy but was also difficult. With 2 sets of five principles followed by 3 questions each and another set of 3 principle followed by three questions, not only made the section lengthy but difficult too. Each set had multiple concepts-based principle, as if the person who set this section wanted to test the knowledge of entire chapter. There were just two questions on Reason-Assertion followed by 20 questions of legal knowledge. The knowledge section was mostly current affairs with 10 questions based on recent judgements, amendments, acts and bills. A score of 18-20 will be a good one for this section.

Logical Reasoning

Unlike the AILET 2018 paper, this year the paper was a bit of a surprise with almost no puzzles except one on Selection based on Logical Connectives (If then). The usual types of questions (Course of Action, Syllogisms, Cause and Effect, Inferences) that are given in the AILET paper were very much abundant. These were not difficult but in such types of questions, students tend to get more mistakes. The paper was lengthy due to the fact that there were 8 individual questions, though easy, from the Analytical Reasoning area (Arrangements, Direction Sense, Clocks, Blood Relations) along with 5 questions on Critical Reasoning.


Math is a universally feared subject and hence many students tend to skip the same in the exam. However, if one gives about 10 minutes to this section in AILET, there were easy pickings of about 5 to 7 questions. Couple of questions on Averages, Profit and Loss and
Pipers and Cisterns were lengthy. However, the questions on Number Systems, Venn

Diagrams, Time Speed and Distance and even Mensuration were not difficult to solve. A total of 7 questions in Arithmetic out of the 10 would have been welcome by many students.

AILET 2019 was similar in composition to that of AILET 2018. The paper was lengthy by AILET standards (and similar to that of the last year’s paper). Students who have prepared with LST (CL) would have found GK to be a cakewalk as almost all questions were from Manthan and Masterstroke. Many students who came out of the exam hall have said that the Mocks were similar in difficulty level to the actual AILET paper and were therefore not surprised with the lengthy yet doable paper. LST expects the cut-off for AILET to be in the range of 75-77.

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