B.Tech Biotech Admission 2019

PUBLISH DATE 15th January 2019

Developments are taking place in the field of Biotechnology rapidly. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Biotechnology is all about using the various concepts of Biology for modifying the biological systems, cell structures, and the biological processes so that they can be used in Engineering & Technology related applications, to develop the sectors of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and agriculture and also solve problems arising in these sectors.

There are ample job opportunities for you if you have done your Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) in Biotechnology.

In case you are confused about which career option to choose after B.Tech in Biotech, then consider the options given below:

Career options after B.Tech in Biotechnology

Research Scientist

As a Biotech B.Tech graduate, you can apply for jobs in many of the Government Research Institutes such as Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), National Brain Research Centre and National Institute of Oceanography. In these institutes, you can work as a Research Scientist.

Lecturer of Biology

After B.Tech in Biotech, you can also apply for lecturer post in various Government Institutions. If you wish to take up the lectureship in the government Institutes, then you should have an excellent knowledge of Genetics and Molecular Biology. You might need to clear a few government exams by the different government to be recruited to the various government posts.

Private Jobs

After completing B.Tech Biotechnology you can apply for jobs in various pharmaceutical companies. Some of those companies include- Dabur, Hindustan lever, Cipla, Rossari Biotech India Pvt. Ltd and Hindustan antibiotics. In these pharma companies, you can get appointed as-

  • Marketing Manager
  • Quality Control officer
  • Production in-charge

IT Jobs

After B.Tech in Biotech, you can also seek jobs in the IT field. You can also do a software course before applying for jobs in this field. You can work as a software developer or a web developer in the company.


You can also get appointed as bio-technologists in the marketing divisions to develop business in sectors where their products would be required.

As a biotechnologist, you can take up jobs in Hindustan Lever, Hindustan Antibiotics, Thapar Group, Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Benson India Ltd.and IDPL.

Some other career options fields available after B.Tech in biotech, are as listed below:

  • Drug and pharmaceutical research
  • Food processing
  • Bio-processing industries
  • Public funded
  • Laboratories Chemicals
  • Environment control
  • Waste management
  • Energy

Upcoming Entrance Exams Details  2019-20




Exam date: 02 Sept 2018

Last date of Application: 24 Aug, 2018,


Exam date: 02nd Feb 2019

Last date of Application: 21st Sept 2018


Exam date: 4 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 14 Sept 2018


Exam date:18 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 3 Sept 2018


Exam date:16 Dec 2018

Last date of Application:1 Aug 2018



Exam date:6 Jane 2019

Last date of Application: 30 Nov 2018



Exam date:6 Jan 2018

Last date of Application:30 Sept 2018