Film Courses Admissions

Film Courses Admissions

FTII rolls out electives in new syllabus

PUBLISH DATE 22nd June 2017

The city-based Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) has rolled out an elective module as a part of its new syllabus.

The FTII implemented the new `Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Syllabus' from 2016 batch. As a part of the system, the students can choose two subjects from the pool of 14 different subjects offered by all the departments of the film wing in the second semester.

This choice of two subjects is done through two weeks of `elective module', which is presently underway in the second semester, a statement issued by the institute stated on Wednesday .

“For the first time in the history of the FTII, the elective module has been implemented. It offers an opportunity to the students to choose a subject as per choice other than hisher specialization. For example, a direction student can decide to choose to learn cinematography for one week and editing for the next week,“ the statement said.

Since the number of seats for each course is limited to 12, an online programme developed by the institute helped the students to submit their choice of the subjects.

The subjects offered to the students were on first-comefirst-serve basis. Subjects like “Aesthetics of Sound Design“ and “Short Film Screenplay Writing“ received 18 and 17 applications, respectively .

The elective module began on June 12 and will end on June 23. The second semester will end with elective module and third semester will begin on August 7.The first semester of `2016 batch' had started on August 1last year.