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Abroad Education

Foreign languages help students break barriers

PUBLISH DATE 6th June 2017

Experts Say German Is Puneites' Favourite

Oui, Gracias, Si, Bonjour.Irrespective of formal training in a foreign language, you've probably heard or read a smattering of these words in a foreign tongue and used it to up your cool quotient. In today's globalized world, however, knowing a foreign language can open up many other borders. With Indian firms going global and many MNCs eyeing the Indian market, it is no longer enough to know just English. Most companies prefer candidates who can over come the language barrier and work in foreign countries efficiently. This has created a huge demand for foreign language courses across the country .

In Pune, experts say , Ger In Pune, experts say , Ger man is the crowd favourite.

Many undergraduate as well as postgraduate students want to gain proficiency in the language and then move to Germany for better career prospects.

Savitribai Phule Pune University's department of foreign languages offer cour ses in five foreign languages.

The duration of these cour ses is 180 hours. “There is im mense demand for foreign languages. Since there is high demand for learning, there is a need for teachers,“ said Ujjwala Joglekar, French professor at the de French professor at the department of foreign languages.

The department offers a hierarchy of courses in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. At the beginner's level, they offer a certificate course, then a diploma and an advanced diploma. These courses are for a year each.

Joglekar feels that at least three years are required for a person to learn a language.

“Many have the misconception that if one does not know English, she may not be able to learn a foreign language. This is a myth; no new language needs the clutches of any other language. Anyone who has passed Class 10 can apply for these courses,“ she added.

Most textbooks used by the students are accompanied by audio or video CDs that help them with language. Teachers also advise students to watch movies of the language they are learning to get familiar with the tone and pronunciations of the words from that particular language.

Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce has been offering a graduation co urse in German for two years.Principal Ravindra Zunzarro said they incorporated the course due to popular demand.

“Last year, there were 10 students who chose BA (German). The number has doubled this year. We also offer a six-month certificate course.Level one and two are both for six months each.“

He further added that the college is set to offer courses in Chinese and French. “We had a dialogue with industry experts and learnt that these languages help with employment,“ he said. Any person who has passed Class 12 is eligible for these courses, he added.