IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

More vacant seats as students choose IITs close to home

PUBLISH DATE 22nd July 2017

IIT (BHU) Varanasi: 80 ISM (Dhanbad): 79 IIT-Kharagpur: 44 IIT Roorkee: 33 IIT-Bhubaneswar: 24

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are faced with students withdrawing admissions this year, leaving hundreds of seats vacant across their 23 campuses.

Figures revealed by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) show 468 of 10,988 total seats have remained vacant after six rounds of admission.

After the fifth round, only 67 seats remained vacant. But the figure shot up to 468 after the completion of the sixth round on Friday, with officials attributing this trend to students not willing to compromise on their preferred IIT or course.

Last year, only 73 seats remained vacant after six admission rounds. The seventh and final round of seat allotment was announced on Friday. 

All seats except for one from IIT-Bhubaneshwar, were re-allotted to eligible candidates. “Students seem to be very clear on the institute and course they want to pursue, and it looks like many are open to taking a yearlong break and reapplying for IITs next year. Maximum withdrawals have been in rounds five and six this time,” said a Jo SAA official.

“Except for one seat in the ST category at IIT-Bhubaneshwar, which has no eligible candidate, the remaining 467 vacant seats have been re-allotted in the final round,” he said. According to figures made public by Jo SAA on Friday evening, maximum vacant seats are at IIT (BHU) Varanasi with 80 seats finding no takers, followed by 79 seats at the Indian School of Mines (ISM) Dhanbad, 44 seats in IIT-Kharagpur, 33 seats in IIT Roorkee and 24 seats in IIT-Bhubaneswar, among others. IIT-Bombay has five vacant seats across chemistry, civil and aerospace engineering departments. “Students prefer IITs closer to their home , and don’t shy away from withdrawing admissions from top institutes as long as they have a seat in a course of their choice,” said a professor from IIT-B.

“There’s very little hope of the number of vacancy reducing after the seventh round because the process of confirmation of admission dips after the fourth and fifth rounds. Thankfully there’ll be no more withdrawal of admission,” added the official from Jo SAA.

Students whose names have appeared in the seventh round have time till Saturday evening to confirm their admissions at respective reporting centres. Seats that remain vacant after the last round cannot be filled as per rules.