IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

Nearly 400 seats still vacant across IITs after first round of admissions

PUBLISH DATE 5th July 2017

Almost 400 students who have been allotted seats in the premier IITs in the first round of admissions, have not accepted the seats this year. Despite the increase in the number of seats by 500 this year, the number of vacancies in the IITs after the first round dropped from last year's 566 to 397 as more students qualified in the entrance test.

While a majority of the vacant seats are from larger institutes, including IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-BHU Varanasi, the leading ones like IIT-Bombay , Delhi, Madras and Kanpur have 14-30 seats vacant, which will be filled in the subsequent rounds. The second round of admissions will begin on Wednesday .

Of the top 100 rankers in JEE (Advanced) this year, only about 53 have reported to IIT-B in the first round. The numbers have dropped from last year's 67 top rankers who were allotted seats at the Powai institute. Among the top 36 who have accepted seats at IIT-B, three are girls--they ha ve all opted for computer science and engineering. In all, 90 girls have accepted seats at IIT-B alone in the first round.

Of the 14 seats vacant at the institute after the first round, five are in engineering phy sics and three in aerospace engineering. “These vacancies do not matter much as the seats are usually filled in the second and third rounds. Many students have qualified this year and the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) will be conducting seven rounds. Though seats in IITs will be filled by the fourth round itself,“ said a professor from the institute.

IIT-Kharagpur and IITBHU Varanasi run more courses and therefore, have more vacant seats. The newer IITs, which offer only three to four courses, have single-digit vacant seats after the first round.

JoSAA conducts admissions to seats in IITs, NITs, IIITs and Government-Funded Technological Institutes. Of the total 36,208 seats allotted in the first round, 29,415 students have accepted their seats, leaving 6,799 vacant.