IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

Some preparation tips for JEE (Mains)

PUBLISH DATE 27th October 2018

By Persainjit Singh
The most coveted entrance examination of the country has nearly descended upon us. With a staggering 11.5 lakh applicants last year, the stakes remain high in the upcoming first round of JEE MAIN 2019 that is less than a hundred days away. With an effective plan of action, it is possible to take over these examinations with aplomb and supersede any problems on the way.

Syllabi and pattern

The syllabi and new online exam patterns of JEE Mains must be known like the back of our hands. Such thorough understanding can help pave the way for efficient planning of preparation. The plan must consist of long term and daily goals to categorise and sub-categorise various chapters in order to complete the syllabi.

Concept-driven approach

It may seem menial, but the truth is that the fundamentals of any concept must be firm in order to channel the understanding to more advanced problems. The process demands that students build on the basic understanding of concepts in each chapter. It is relatively easier to topple the roof of a building, but immensely difficult to abolish a strong base.

Mock tests

Take some mock tests on a daily basis. This helps prepare for the pattern, time and difficulties of JEE Mains. A constant integration of the test prepares our mind to effectively tackle various types of questions. It slowly but steadily builds our confidence, in turn keeps our worries at bay.

Knowledge gaps

While giving mock tests is important, assessing the results and identifying the knowledge gaps is equally pivotal. Shedding light on the weak areas enables us to revise and fix where we are lagging behind. Thus revising and practising our weaker concepts must be part of our daily routines as well.

Wall of revision

Creating a literal wall of revision by pasting sheets of papers on the walls of our room enable us to revise concepts when we start and end our days. Revision at this crucial period must be fastened and easy and hence, a wall of revision can help us immensely in achieving this.


It is crucial to remind ourselves and revive our motivation several times a day. Meditation is advisable for a bare minimum of 10 minutes per day. This would build focus, confidence and a positive mindset to tackle all sources of pressure.

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Recommended Books

Books play a very important role for the preparation of any kind of examination. The following table shows the names of the books which every aspirant must study:


Upcoming Entrance Exams Details  2018-19



Exam date:25 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 19 Sept 2018



Exam date: 02 Sept 2018

Last date of Application: 24 Aug, 2018,



Exam date: 02nd Feb 2019

Last date of Application: 21st Sept 2018



Exam date: 4 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 14 Sept 2018



Exam date:18 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 3 Sept 2018



Exam date:16 Dec 2018

Last date of Application:1 Aug 2018




Exam date:6 Jane 2019

Last date of Application: 30 Nov 2018