IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

Students and parents protest after SC stays IIT admissions

PUBLISH DATE 9th July 2017

The Supreme Court's decision to stay the ongoing counselling and admission processes for IITs, NIITs and IIITs has not gone down well with students who have been allotted IITs after the first round of the counselling.

The Bench examining the case, had raised questions following the IITs' decision to award 18 bonus marks to all students, instead of only to those who had attempted the questions which were wrong or vague during the Joint Entrance Exam.

But students maintained that they had indeed attempted the questions. A student, who was allotted IIT Madras before the top court stayed the process, expressed disappointment.

“I did not attempt the wrong mathematics question because I knew it was wrong. I spent two minutes on questions within that section but I spent five minutes trying to solve that one wrong question.I couldn't get the answer. I knew there was something wrong but since there were negative two marks on the question, I did not answer it. However, that doesn't mean I didn't attempt it,“ the student said. Another student, who was allotted IIT Bombay , after the first round of counselling said: “For the passage in Physics, I knew there was something wrong after I had had a look at the questions below. I realized that there was no information given and it was a three-mark question. There could have been a very long method to an answer but that would have taken a while which meant missing out on solving other questions. I even attempted to solve the question using the long method but stopped because time constraints. I didn't write a random answer -like many of my friends -because I knew the question was incomplete.“