IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

Students in IIT-B start relay hunger strike against fee hike

PUBLISH DATE 4th July 2017

After two earlier protests have failed to yield results, IIT-Bombay students started a relay hunger strike on Monday against the fee hike (non-tuition fee) imposed in May this year.

The students who have been protesting the fee hike since a month now, have decided to continue the strike till the administration decides to roll back the hike or approach them for talks.

The institute, however, has decided to set up a committee to look into the hike in fees of mess, hostel, medical, gymkhana facilities extended to students on the campus. The administration has decided to set up a committee and come out with a whi will be almost the same every day , added the student.

TOI had earlier reported that the te paper on the fee hike issue.

“The hike is not at all justified and we want the institute to consider our problems and arrive at some negotiation. We have decided to continue the relay hunger strike till the institute decides to take our opinion into consideration and roll back the hike,“ said a protesting student. The number of students sitting on strike hostel rent at the institute went up by 300% this year, and other fees such as mess advance, examination and medical charges too, went up from 33% to 100% under some heads.The students had earlier staged a demonstration against the fee hike and then even boycotted classes to mark their displeasure.

Soumyo Mukherji, the dean of students' affairs, said that the institute director has decided to set up a committee and look at the hikes afresh. “The hike was introduced after six years and 20 years in case of the hostel rent. It will take time for the committee to come out with the white paper,“ said Mukherji.