IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

To curb stress, IITs may space out placements

PUBLISH DATE 11th March 2017

In a move aimed at de-stressing students during the annual placements, the All-India Placement Committee (AIPC) of IITs has decided to reduce the number of firms visiting campuses on the first few days.

Slots in the first two days are the most sought-after by both top firms and students.As per the decision taken at a recent meeting of the AIPC, placements by companies visiting IITs on the first 4-5 days will be extended by two days to ensure that students are not forced to appear for multiple interviews. The move, however, may be restricted to older, established IITs, including IIT-Bombay , Madras and Delhi, which have about 35-40 companies visiting on each of the first five days.

Professor in charge of placements at an IIT, who attended the meeting in Jodhpur, said students were under severe stress on the first few days. “They have multiple interviews lined up. Each student probably has five to six interviews a day .“ A professor said, “The older IITs have 150-160 companies visiting the campus in the first 4-5 days. We are planning to space it out evenly to ensure that students get a breather in between interviews and tests.“ The first phase of job placements goes on for about 15 days in IITs.

Another AIPC member said the minutes were yet to be finalized as the number of companies that can be allowed per day will be discussed with students from individual IITs before it is made a policy . The second meeting of the AIPC is likely to be held in April, with the older IITs to finalize the policy.

A student from IIT-Bombay said stress was a major factor as slots begin at 8am and go on till 2am the next day with a break of just two hours. “But it will be very difficult to convince companies. We have seen companies refusing to visit the campus if they do not get a Day 1 slot before their competitors. For some soughtafter firms, Day 1 slots are a matter of prestige. Also, students who appear for interviews on the first and second day manage to get a job soon. The existing system, though stressful, is acceptable to the stakeholders,“ said the student. Sector-and package-based slotting are preferable to companies too.

Also, IITs were planning to start placements from September 1, but it was rejected at the meeting.