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Abroad Education

US visa woes: Six things to look at

PUBLISH DATE 5th April 2017

Computer programmer not enough: A “computer programmer”, an entry level position in software industry, will no longer be considered a “speciality occupation”

What more needed: The petitioner, which is the employer, must provide other evidence to establish that the particular position is one in a specialty occupation as defined by rules.

Lottery system hit: The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can now reject petitions picked through the lottery, a system used by the agency to pick the 65,000 visa grated every year from hundred of thousands of applications

The most affected: Companies which hire programme-level workers because they are less expensive compared to local American counterparts

Indian companies: A number of Indian companies which use H-1B visas could be impacted. More qualified workers will command higher salaries, which will deny companies the benefits of wage arbitrage, eating into their profits

Legal challenges: The new order could be challenged in court by lawyers on the ground that their clients were not given enough time to prepare. The order came on March 31, just days before the opening of 2018 petitions.