About Dental:

Dental studies is one of the recognized professional careers and is among the top career choices made by students in India. This profession is very demanding and remunerative. Graduates can start their career as practitioners in community hospitals, government hospitals, nursing homes and in industries. Service sectors such as railways, defense services and ordnance factories also can employ dentists for hospitals.  

The majority of the job opportunities for a graduate in this field are available in a research institute, colleges, universities, and teaching hospitals. Trained private practitioners can setup their own dental clinic which could help them to gain the confidence and revenue. Graduates who are interested in social service field can join NGOs.  Besides,lots of job opportunities are available in foreign countries for Indian dentists in the countries like Australia, UK and US.

Dentistry is a part of medical science that deals with the problems that affects mouth such as soft and hard tissues of oral cavity, gums and teeth.  It studies about the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and the treatment of disorders and settings of tissues and diseases that affect the mouth. The profession of dentistry also takes cares of dental care and correction of teeth.  Graduates who specialize in this field are known as dentists.

Dentists utilize range of measures and techniques in treating their patients such as fitting artificial replacements, filling, extracting teeth, scaling and crowning of teeth and treating cum diseases. Dentistry problems related to jaws or any invasive oral procedure are normally taken care by oral surgeons.

Dental surgeons make laser surgery, implants, trauma surgery, tissue grafts in order to correct them. Dentists also instruct patients about oral hygiene and ways to mantain a healthy teeth as well as prevent  dental problems.  Hence there is lot of scopefor this profession in India.