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Architecture studies generally involves coursework such as computer aided design and drafting, math, architectural history and geology. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as job and salary information for graduates.Architectural studies-related degrees can lead to a career as an architect, a landscape architect, or an urban and regional planner. While architects make designs for buildings and structures, landscape architects focus on designing outdoor areas. Urban and regional planners determine the placement of industrial areas, houses and roads and transit systems.

Architects design buildings and other structures according to client specifications, taking into consideration issues such as the location and topography of the building site, surrounding structural styles and the intended use of the planned structure. In addition to the building design, architects may prepare estimates of time, material and labor costs, as well as coordinate construction of the project through oversight of bidding, permitting and construction.

Architects may be self-employed, but the majority work for small architectural firms. A bachelor's degree in architectural studies is not a professional degree and thus not sufficient qualification for a career as an architect, but can be good preparation for a professional master's degree program.

Students who pursue a degree in architectural studies are creative, analytical and proficient at using computer software. In addition, graduates can visually conceptualize and execute an idea for development. Career options include architect, landscape architect and urban planner.

Entrance Exam - Architecture
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
AAT 2019 UG 17th June 2019
JEE Main paper II UG 7th April 2019
NATA 7th July 2019
Entrance Exam - Architecture
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
MHT-CET-2020 UG 13th April 2020
MAH M.Arch CET PG 19th May 2019

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