National Aptitude Test 2022

National Aptitude Test 2022

Mode of ExamOnline & Offline
Level of ExamNational Level

Many aptitude tests measure general ability and certain specialized abilities that are important for success in different educational programs. Aptitude tests can be subdivided into:

(I) Group administered aptitude tests such as the scholastic Aptitude Test.

(II) Multifactor aptitude tests, exemplified by the differential Aptitude Test.

(III) Specific Aptitude Tests.

(IV) Individually administered Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests have three major uses:

(A) Instructional purposes

(B) Administration

(C) Guidance

1. NTA firmly believes that the right candidates joining best institutions will give India her demographic dividend. It envisages that besides acquired knowledge and skills, it should include skills for future that would be expected in them, say after 5 years. These are Technical Skills, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Analytical Thinking, Growth Mind-set, Decision Making, Inter-personnel Communication, Adaptability have been identified as skills for future.

2. Raising achievement test scores and teaching test-taking skills are generally acceptable objectives. Improvement of academic aptitude may be possible through direct training in learning strategies and the development of executive learning skills, i.e. skills involved in planning, monitoring and evaluating one’s own thinking.

3. Several misuses of aptitude tests can occur, if results are interpreted as fixed or immutable. In considering the impact of schooling on results of ability measures, it is important to consider that certain past knowledge is part of the aptitude predictive of success at advanced levels while it may not be possible to raise intelligence quotients permanent habits can be taught that allow a student to make the most of natural abilities.

4. Therefore NTA is planning to conduct National Aptitude Test: - Ability Profiler w.e.f. 2021 in 13 languages across the Nation.

5. Presently a Pilot Study has been launched by NTA. It will be conducted on 23rd and 24th October 2021 (Only in English Language)

To conclude, it has been rightly stated that Education is, in part an aptitude development program.

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23rd October 2022

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